Tones arms: 5 tips to tone her arms

5 tips to tone her arms

tips to tone arms

 It‘s not just the chest and abs in life. A harmonious body also requires well-proportioned arms. Follow our five tips for muscle opt

 Toned Arms, Whether you are preparing the Col mar bodybuilding contest or want more modestly fill the gap between your bones and the sleeve of your shirt, the weight of your arms obnubilates you. Especially since the vast majority of women prefer two strong arms to a pair of atrophied bread sticks. Regular exercise and complemented by an appropriate diet can allow rapid development of the volume of your arms, especially if you go far. We selected five tips to lead you in the search of the body of Stallone. 

1 – Do not just focus on biceps 
Beginners in bodybuilding have the annoying tendency to reduce it to one bicep. However, the arm is occupied by two-thirds by the triceps. As the name suggests, it consists of three portions: the vastus lateralis, vastus medialis and the long head. It is therefore necessary to focus on developing the triceps. Although requested by all pushing exercises including the construction of the chest and shoulders, triceps to be worked alone for the volume is in cohesion with the biceps you hitch to grow at the same time.

 2 – Adapt your diet 
For strength training in general and in particular arm not expect results if you do not take good eating habits. Ideally, it is of course essential to focus on proteins. However, “we must not forget the carbs,” says David Costa, fitness coach. Indeed, “if carbohydrate intake is insufficient, we are in a period of dry gold here a muscle gain is desired,” says the athlete. Your diet should be rich in eggs, meat, fish, but also rice, pasta, potatoes, while retaining lipids such oils and seeds. 

3 – Working in targeted exercise routines
 “It develops the muscle is successfully use the most possible muscle fibers with a sufficiently intense charge and proper placement says David Costa. To do this, go to the end of the effort. ” In other words, you have to finish your series with difficulties.

The fitness coach recommends for a session on the development of arms, 8-10 sets of 5 to 12 repetitions of triceps exercises. Among them, David Costa offers home repulsion bench (the “dips”), pumps (hands shoulder width apart, elbows along the body bending); in room, close grip bench press (shoulder width), the front bar (while lying on outstretched arms bench, the bar down on the forehead and then returns to the starting position), or work the pulley (handle or bar in the chest and arm extension down the axis of the body). For biceps, one is satisfied from June to October sets of 5 to 12 repetitions. The basic exercise is the curl, that is to say, the natural movement of the biceps, causing the hand to the shoulder. We can do curls with bar (standing, arm extension down, then back to the starting position) or curls with dumbbells. They can be standing, but also sitting “This limits cheating since the body is less able to swing, only the arms work,” says the specialist. We can also do push-ups (both hands clinging to the bar, palms up, it takes her chest to the bar by pulling his arms)For best results, the coach offers to “begin the session with a lot of weight and a small number of repetitions (5-6)” and finished by reversing (10 to 12 repetitions).
4 – Do not over train
 Contrary to popular belief What the impatient novices, there is no point to exhaust its muscles by making them work seven days a week. It is even against-productive. According to the coach, “one session per week devoted to arms is sufficient. Can be two times a week to add some arm exercises at the end of a session to the chest, back or shoulders, for example. “The muscle needs rest. It was during this recovery period it progresses, it gains in strength and volume.

 5. Think stretch
 Each weight training should be followed by stretching. Stretching your muscles sensitized during the session can “give back muscle flexibility, after he was contracted says David Costa. Stretching will also ensure a good range of motion for the next sessions. ” If the effect is not immediate on muscle and will not cause an increase in the volume, stretching keeps good mobility and thus ensure meaningful results in shortest time and in the long term. 

Fragonia : The essential oil

          Fragonia : The essential oil


Here we are in the presence of one of the great wonders and latest discoveries of Aromatherapy from Australia: Fragonia (Agonis fragrans), an essential rich, valuable and generous oil with a particularly volatile gasoline plenty broadcasts to our great okay.
 Belonging to the botanical family Myrtaceae, it shares with its “aromatic colleagues” such as eucalyptus, myrtle, melaleuca … its great affinity with the AIR element and the respiratory tree, while distinguishing itself from them by a much fragrance more subtle and feminine, combining notes slightly camphor – menthol softer and shrink sleeves scents of honey-gold color.
 Indeed, with its breath ‘highest purity’ – rich in purifying molecules (cineole, alpha-pinene and linalool), and its great smell and vibration refinement, it will help us free ourselves not only microbes but also energy & heavy emotions and bulky in our lives. By diffusing body & soul Fragonia brings his bubble of oxygen in an asphyxiated world. Indeed, it makes us breathe deeply and that in every sense of the word. His liberating power proved particularly among women who have trouble asking vis-à-vis limits around them, their work or who are trapped in stifling fusional relations.
 Fragonia essential oil invites us to connect to our own resources and to open the doors to our hidden potential. It helps us to make our way to this feminine sensitivity and creativity that we often buried under a pile of bonds or “performance” to obtain the recognition of the world … masculine.
 «Back to the source” seems to be the motto that we whisperer and Fragonia will be for us a valuable friend and help to accompany us on the path of reconciliation with our feminine identity.

Gym : I’m addicted to the gym

Gym : I’m addicted to the gym

addicted to the gym

Not a week without a detour to the gym. In a few steps, you even become totally dependent on your treadmill. Explanations and tips to reduce the pace.

At first, it was to lose a few pounds, tone your biceps, talk a little, and then it became a drug. While some lying around the leg when it comes to do some crunches, you, you run to your gym, smiling ear to ear. “Become addicted to physical activity is nothing trivial or extraordinary, it is even a very common addiction today ensures Laury Kirazian psychologist.” It is difficult to escape the multiple demonstrations perfect bodies that appear everywhere, yet it is they who create neuroses. In some people, the ritual of the gym meets a real need to literally sculpt a new self, control the eyes of others. An aesthetic that reassures and whose sometimes when suffering supplants pleasure, we imprison. “This is the shift from” I workout to get in shape, to feel good “to” I do sport because I need it, “which is addictive, analyzes the psychotherapist.” The idea of ​​stopping the sport becomes unbearable because it is synonymous with failure, or even regression.
In small doses, sport is absolutely not harmful, quite the contrary. It is an incredible instrument of pleasure and self-confidence. Seek to overcome its both physical and mental limits can also be extremely beneficial and rewarding, especially when self-doubt, which is depression. An excellent Stooges. According Kirazian Laury, there in need to be confined in a gym, a desire to belong to a group of people who share the same concerns as you. “The room becomes a place where you feel powerful, to the best of its form. A place where you are to others and themselves.” If the frequency is not a problem in itself, listening to your body is essential. It is important not to turn his body into a war machine in the service of a performance not to indulge. The consequences of a serious addiction can beings eating disorders, injuries, taking steroids …
Difficult to fight against the endomorphism discharge courtesy sport. Wellness fragile and valuable but it must be cultivated sparingly. So be careful not to go overboard. Your knee pulls you? You hurt lower back? It’s time to take a break! Look after your body, do not harass! It will worry about your sports bulimia when the exercises become painful, you prefer to run on a treadmill rather than lunch with a girlfriend. Your fitness should not be at the expense of those around you. If you start to have the lifestyle of a top sportsman without having the job, it’s time to slow down!
1 – Avoid bulimia. If you have time that is released into your schedule does not throw you on your tracksuit, go to the movies, go see a show.
2 – Be unfaithful, test other sports! Brace yourself between two weight training sessions, a yoga or dance for example. Diversify activities will make your less harmful addiction.
3 – Replace your weekly sports sessions with lighter exercise like a walk in the forest.

Top 10 breaking apology from the guys!

Top 10 breaking apology from the guys!

breaking apology from the guys

At least once in our life of woman, we have case to a little tricky man who dropped us with the lightness of an elephant and an excuse more bogus than the trouble shot.

If you have ever heard such excuses, no reason to cry for this kind of cad, let nature take revenge as it should be!

1. “It’s not you it’s me”: how to answer that honestly?

2. “You’re too good for me”: obviously yes!

3. “I need to be alone”: think of a pilgrimage or a retreat in the forest, alone with the wolves.

4. “This is too much of us” too much like a tequila shooter or as two lucky people who fall in love?

5. “I do not have time right now” thank you we avoid unanswered calls!

6. “I prefer that we remain friends” no thank you, I prefer to avoid you. And friends, I’m not bad!

7. “I’m not ready to have children”: after two weeks of relationship we. After five years, it’s not too early to think about it!

8. “There are not that connection, it is not in harmony” to the next!

9. “At another time it could have worked” it is Madame Irma who told you?

10. “I have fear of commitment” goldfish are less restrictive!

If you have ever dealt with excuses like this, feel free to share your answers with us!

Breakup: break more women than men


And if men were sentient creatures who felt things for a breakup? 7 out of 10 women make the decision to break. Social phenomenon or universal law? Explanation and decoding of men and women dropped … leaving!


We all had a big break. THE rupture. The one we will always remember. The first time it happened to me there a few years ago, I thought that I would never get over. I also understand the meaning of “heart break” because physically it’s really what I felt.
My friends tried to reassure me with the famous “One lost 10 found,” but that does not reassure me. They finally decided to get me in a bar and I find myself with my tribe around a bottle (the equivalent of a marital therapy … counter). They tell me that my situation is quite natural: it is always women leaving!
WHAT ???
I for information on the web and in fact, women are more often the decision to break than men. “They are at the origin of three quarters of divorces,” says sociologist named François Singly. How to explain this? Men may be sensitive and afraid of hurting the woman left her and see her cry? Nay! The reason is simple: “Women know what they want, unlike men,” according to another article. Outch, blow to my ego.
More autonomous economically less dependent emotionally, the modern woman does not need her husband’s purse (no pun intended) to live. Although she earns less than her, she will prefer to leave a couple wobbly rather than keeping financial comfort. Good thing I was not rich.
“The commitment, cohabitation, children and marriage are core values ​​in women” natured chat me a friend on Skype, she then explains to me, “they are projected, while men are more often immature. In women there is a checklist to complete. If man can not commit … so next! “.
Female engagement will thus explaining the determination of my ex to break. It is true that I was not a model of commitment, but I always thought we should divide my physical age by two to find my mental age. So it was consistent. I who was joking at the time saying that the best age to have a child was 50 years for men … She had to think differently.